German Shepherds

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Welcome to German shepherds, an online resource for German shepherd information based on the standards from the country of origin (Germany). This community is brought to you by The del Mango Network. We will provide infromation based on the GSD breed, articles from various sources, and news from industy experts.

Fred Lanting has summed up what the GSD should be:

The German Shepherd Dog (GSD) has been the most popular breed of dog in the world for about 100 years. The ideal well-bred GSD is healthy (quite often living 12-15 years), mentally and physically suited to work in an amazing variety of jobs and climates, very attuned to its humans’ emotions, confident, intelligent, and adaptable. As a typical herding breed, it is one of the most pack-loyal breeds, which makes it ideal for families. They naturally are, or can be trained to be, guardians of their “pack”, whether sheep, children, or property. When their confidence is developed by training and encouragement, they can meet any challenge, intruder, or threat; their intelligence and instinct will allow them to assess any situation and act accordingly. This makes the GSD ideal as companion and protector.

The ideal GSD should appear alert, powerful, and poised, whether on guard or working in a variety of functions. Even in play, many give the impression of nobility, purpose, and strength. Much of that comes from the erect ear carriage and the shape of the head, but some comes from its size, body proportions, and agility. The appearance should make it easy for people to imagine it doing the jobs it has become famous for: herding, protecting livestock and other property, children’s companion, police and military utility, narcotics and bomb detection, search-and-rescue, crowd control, crime deterrence, and more. When you think of the GSD, one of the first words that come to mind is versatility.