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UKC / Crufts files a WIPO and wins!

WIPO Decision.

For those of you not in the know, when an established organization feels that another entity is infringing on their mark though the use of a dmain name, they can file what’s called a WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) case against the entity.  A panel is formed (either one or threee members) and the panel decides if the complainant’s marks were infringed upon.

For example, if I owned and used it to sell computers and computer related software, hardware, etc.. then Microsoft would have an easy case against me to take the domain.   If I used it to promote and sel physical glass windows, car windshields, stained glass, and so on then Microsoft would have no right to take the case.  The same could be said for  Some of these cases are clear-cut while others are not so clear but traditionally the panelists’ ruling is final.

The members of the general comittee of the Kennel Club of London (who organizes and runs the Crufts show) filed a WIPO case against Bryn Firkins (of the UK) – the owner of the domain

The panel found in favor of the Kennel Club of London mainly because the respondent did not even respond to the case.

Officially, Crufts.TV has been handed over to the Kennel Club of London.

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